Boost Your Abundance Levels with The Abundance Triangle

When Was The Last Time Your Abundance Level Jumped?

This month I has my first manifesting workshop. It was exciting and very fulfilling. I thoroughly enjoyed the rush of talking about what I love and doing what I love (the workshop included an active meditation process).

The workshop was for manifesting beginners, and  topic was the missing element, the one responsible for us having a prosperous, happy, abundant life here on earth. And that got me thinking, about those conscious creators who have already been working at this manifesting thing for quite a while, and get stuck despite vast manifesting knowledge and tons of manifesting experience.

And so, the abundance triangle was formed. I know that it is a great gift for savvy manifestors , and I hope that it will serve you well, manifesting a delightful 2017.

What’s The Abundance Triangle All About?

Your abundance relies on 3 cornerstones:

  1. Your mind – The knowledge you have, the thoughts
  2. Your body – Your health and your levels of physical comfort
  3. Your spirit – Your vibe, your feelings and emotions

If you have been struggling to increase the levels of abundance that you are currently experiencing, despite various manifesting efforts, there is a good chance that you are working one of the angles too hard, while not giving enough attention to the rest of the triangle.

Let’s take, for example, doing routine visualizations of what you are looking to manifest, and dealing with any limiting beliefs. You might be feeling 100% aligned with what you want, since your spirit is there, you see it in your mind’s eye and you feel ready to receive. Great! But what about your body? Is it also getting the attention it needs? Message therapy, exercise or simply noticing your posture and the way your shoulders are when you are sitting in front of your computer are also very important factors, that will determine your level of abundance.

If you are tense, then your manifesting will suffer. If your body isn’t getting what it needs in terms of food and sleep, this will also affect your manifesting.

And the same is true for all 3 angles of your abundance triangle.

If you focus too much on your spirit, get in the vibe but your mind cannot support the prosperity that you are asking for, your abundance levels will reflect that also.

Using The Abundance Triangle To Boost Your Abundance Levels

So,the Abundance Triangle is a way to diagnose what your manifesting routine needs most, right now. We often forget that manifesting is not about any specific thing that we do or think, its about the whole: a combination of mind, body and spirit.

Yes, you can get lots of results by focusing on just one or two of the 3 angles, but at some point, the next level of growth will depend on bumping up all 3 cornerstones.

So Now What?

I invite you to ask yourself: what have you been focusing on lately? what have you been leaving out, hoping it will ‘take care of itself’? You’d be surprised how much of a boost your overall manifesting efforts will get, if you start focusing on the weak link, the angle you haven’t attended to lately.

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