Manifesting Your Heaven OR Is Heaven a Place on Earth?

What are we looking to create, really, when we manifest? Joy? Meaning? Serenity? We often couple these feelings with a certain place and time, believing we need the external circumstances to induce the inner state we’re aiming for.

I got a reminder of that constraint a couple of days ago, that I had to share.

From Just Watching TV to Talking Heaven

“So, that was heaven, actually?…”

We’ve just finished watching an episode of a show that will not be named, to avoid spoilers, and my partner springs this question to the air. So yes, we did just witness a “happily ever after” kind of moment. But still, heaven?

I give it some extra thought and realize that the phrase “heaven in a place on earth” is not just a phrase. Heaven (not the religious one), is a concept we pay little attention too. Too little, I think.

So… what is heaven? Is it a warm place where you live by the beach, not having to worry about health or paying the bills?

The idea of heaven as a place… isn’t it peculiar to savvy manifestors?

The Concepts of Heaven

Growing up, my would think of heaven as a fluffy place in the cloud that offers the very best of all the experiences and sensations that we experience here on earth.

But what is the very best of our experiences, actually?
Think about something you loved eating, but lately you’ve fallen out of love with. Or a song you have grown tired of hearing. How can heaven include only the best of the best, when this keeps changing constantly?

So I would have to say that the new concept of heaven is that it is first and foremost, a state of mind, backed up by the right setting, which is right for that moment (and only that moment).

Heaven As a State of Mind

Heaven, for me, is feeling happy, elated even, which has everything to do with what you choose to do, think about and experience, and very little to do with one specific place.

Maybe your current idea of heaven is sipping margaritas at the beach, but you can be over that in a day, and your new idea of heaven will be a remote cabin in the woods. Or something else.

Heaven has everything to do with the ability to shift into a new setting when your needs and desires change. And that, I think, is something that we should aim to experience during our lifetime.

Yes, you might be happier in a warmer weather than the one you are currently experiencing, you might be more relaxed if you have $50,000,000, you might be content if you didn’t need to take care of certain things… or work… but then again, we’re talking about right now.

Even if you current concept of heaven involves quitting your job and never working again a day in your life, it doesn’t mean that this concept won’t change. In fact, working is a major part of most people’s ‘heaven’. The right kind of work gives meaning.

CouldĀ There Be Heaven Without a Meaning?

Meaning is what turns just any place into heaven. Without meaning, it is usually hard to stay happy and content for long periods of time. And meaning could be as simple as being joyful, it doesn’t have to be something big. But when you manifest, focus on what would really bring you what you want. The setting is no as important as you might think.

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