Congratulations, You Have Manifested It!

That thing you really wanted to manifest. And so far it’s still not there. It’s yours now.

Post manifesting: How do you feel?

Today I’d like to invite you to travel with me to the land of the not-so-distant future, to this lovely day right after you got exactly what you wanted to manifest.

(If you find it hard to imagine the day after, than you might want to do some cleaning of negative beliefs first, to really get in the vibe.)

So, you wake up, the very next morning. It could be the first day of your new life or just your first vacation day in a luxury resort in Hawaii. It doesn’t matter. But it’s here, it has arrived. You have made it. Continue Reading

Manifesting and Meditation – Why a Good Manifestor Meditates

Every once in a while, even the most experienced manifesting maven can (and probably will…) get lost. Asking yourself “Which manifesting path should I now take?” is only natural, there are after all TONS of possibilities and options!

For me, realizing that manifesting get so much easier when I tune into and follow my bliss, doing what excites me, was a wonderful revelation, but it also came with its fair share of confusion.

Once you start manifesting successfully, this feeling of “I can do anything! I can be anything!” takes over for a while… and naturally, the question of “What is it that I REALLY want?” follows suit.

The ‘Too Many Manifesting Options Syndrom’

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Manifesting Goals within Goals: Stop & Start Aiming for the Stars

When was the last time you tried to manifest some money, without giving any thought to how hard or easy it is going to be?

Many financial goals are often perceived by us as “too big”. In fact, we should have financial goals at all, one number at a time should be more than enough: this is number that allows us to fully express ourselves, while living the life that we want.

But when that number sounds too high, it could be tempting to ‘start breaking it down’ into mini goals. Like, for example, if the end goal is to earn $100,000 passively each month, chances are there will mini goals along the way, aimed at manifesting smaller amounts. But why would gradually be better than all at once? Continue Reading

Creating Your Reality Using The Law of Least Resistance

The law of least resistance states that whenever you find yourself trying too hard, you just need to stop and let go. Sounds fun, just let go and have the universe take care of the rest… right?
But what happens when you try to let go, and you realize that letting go is a huge effort, all by itself?

In the physical context, letting go of something we are holding onto could not be more simple. In the emotional world, it could be harder than to do then to “keep working on your manifesting”…

My own personal experience of letting go

For a very long time, I was subscribed to the belief that only by sheer determination and a lot of hard work I will accomplish anything in life. I even thought pain must be involved sometimes, as I used to suffer from stress related back pain all through middle school.

Then somehow, by mistake, I used the law of attraction for the first time. Then the second. Continue Reading

Do You Love Yourself Enough to Manifest What You Want?

When’s the last time you told yourself “I love you”? Lack of self love won’t always stop you from manifesting what you want. But it will prevent you from enjoying what you have manifested.

If you often feel unworthy/not smart enough/not good/beautiful enough, if you compare yourself to others and suffer from the results of your analysis, then self love is exactly what the doctor orders.

How is Self Love Related to Manifesting?

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Manifesting Hiccups: 10 Reasons why LOA isn’t working for you

Troubleshooting your manifesting routine could be a bummer, because it means something is working the way you want it to. But I prefer to think of it as a great way to enhance your manifesting skills! So here goes:

10 Reasons Why You Are Unable to Manifest

1) You (secretly) don’t really want it.

Yeah, even if you’re thinking to yourself “this is ridiculous” you will not believe how many times this is the actual reason people are unable to manifest. Continue Reading

the art of asking questions

The Art of Asking Questions

Ever feel like the thing that’s holding you back from what you want is a missing piece of a puzzle? Like if you only had the answer to this particular question, or that little piece of knowledge, you’d be able to make a huge stride forward and manifest what you really want?

I used to feel that a lot. And then I started scribbling down all the questions that I had in a notebook. When I would skim through the questions a few weeks later, I would realize that I know all the answers already. And this would happen EVERY SINGLE TIME. It was a marvelous revelation:

The Universe Already Has All The Answers.

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Using Visualization When Your Imagination Sucks

I’ll be the first to admit that my imagination sucks big time. And I used to feel bad about it, since we all know that one of the most potent manifesting tools is visualization.

But sometimes, you want to manifest something that you have no idea how to visualize. Unlike what you may be thinking, you don’t have to see what you want in your mind’s eye to manifest it. There is a nice workaround for it.
I call this method ‘satellite visualization’.

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Do you choose the PROBLEM or the SOLUTION?

A newsletter I got in my mailbox today got me thinking about that choice: your problem, whatever it may be, and its solution, which is out there (since everything is “out there”, in the universe, waiting to be manifested).

I know how cheesy this might sound, but the quickest path to conciously manifesting what you want in life is by making choices. Choosing again and again the path of the creator. The one that manifests the solution while letting go of the problem.

So here’s something you might want to think about for a minute:

Every once in a while (or on a daily basis…), we choose our problem over the solution.

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Manifesting Focus: Big Results with Little Effort

Darling, I’m home!!! And oh wow, does it feels good to be back home!
There are so many things going on that I’m really just trying to enjoy the moment, so it might take me a while longer before I’ll be back to writing regularly.

But in the meantime, I want to share with you my 2 cents about manifesting focus.

One of the first things I did when I got back was to open my goals file and review it. I was surprised to realize how much I have manifested since I’ve prepared that file, less than a year ago. I was literally in awe when I realized that, when I saw how the things I manifested were in direct relation to how specific I was when I wrote my goals.
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