Manifesting Your Heaven OR Is Heaven a Place on Earth?

What are we looking to create, really, when we manifest? Joy? Meaning? Serenity? We often couple these feelings with a certain place and time, believing we need the external circumstances to induce the inner state we’re aiming for.

I got a reminder of that constraint a couple of days ago, that I had to share.

From Just Watching TV to Talking Heaven

“So, that was heaven, actually?…”

We’ve just finished watching an episode of a show that will not be named, to avoid spoilers, and my partner springs this question to the air. So yes, we did just witness a “happily ever after” kind of moment. But still, heaven?

I give it some extra thought and realize that the phrase “heaven in a place on earth” is not just a phrase. Heaven (not the religious one), is a concept we pay little attention too. Too little, I think.

So… what is heaven? Is it a warm place where you live by the beach, not having to worry about health or paying the bills? Continue Reading