What Shall You Manifest Next? The Paradox of Savvy Manifestors

Recently I got a bit lost, manifesting-wise.
See, I have this issue with decision making. I can’t make them, when both options have merit. I just can’t. What I usually end up doing is waiting until my feelings change, to the point that the decision is a no-brainer.

For example, if I have an event to go to, one that I’m really not sure I will enjoy (or, rather, spend my time doing something else), I would usually wait until the very last minute, to see which option is making me feel worse: ditching and not going, perhaps disappointing those who were expecting me, or spending my time on something I don’t want to do.

This method leads to a lot of last minute decision making, but it works for me.
It doesn’t work, though, when it comes to manifesting!

Discovering the wonderful world of the law of attraction, the unlimited possibilities, brought on its fair share of confusion. What do I want to manifest next? Continue Reading