2 Totally Awesome Ways o Achieve Your Goals

2 Totally Awesome Ways (that work!) to Achieve Your Goals

Fiddling with the law of attraction, I’ve learnt that contrary to popular belief, there are 2 completely opposite ways to achieve what you want in life, especially when it comes to manifesting things that you REALLY want like money, prosperity, a new relationship, a new job, and more.

Both ways I’m going to talk about work (I’ve been using both of years) but you don’t always get to choose which option to use, so you have to know both.

And sometimes, you have to use both (at different stages, of course) to obtain a single goal. It might sound confusing but actually, it’s just 2 very different ways to use what is popularly known as “the law of attraction”.

Way #1 – Write it Down, Then Forget (COMPLETELY FORGET)

This way is simple as it sounds. Want something? Grab a notebook (not a Google Doc) and just jot down what it is that you want. How much money? What kind of house? Work? New Car?

Even if you feel like there is no way you will actually get what you want, just write it down. Draw a little square next to each goal, so you can, when you do get it, have the pleasure of ticking off the box (and trust me, it’s quite a pleasurable experience 🙂 ).

The reason this works is because it becomes quite easy to manifest things that we want, if our brain isn’t constantly battling our limiting beliefs and questioning what we’re doing and if what we’re can actually work.

If it sounds too easy, then I’ve got a surprise for you. This is actually the HARDER way. How come, you ask? Well, the writing it down part is easy. But forgetting about your goals altogether is harder.

Even the fact that you are reading this post, right now, means that you are giving some thought as to what you want out of life and how to get it. Most of us are attached to some of our goals, meaning we have heavy emotions regarding whether we do, or don’t, get what we want.

And once you go back, in your mind, to any goal that you desire and not yet achieved in your life, this way stops working.

If you can’t bring yourself to completely forget about your goals for a couple of months, then way #1 is not the way to obtain those specific goals.

So, let’s move on to way #2.

Way #2 – Total Immersion

This way asks you to immerse yourself in the essence of what you want. It contains 4 steps that, depending on how big your goal is, tend to repeat themselves several times throughout the manifesting process:

  • Think about it, write about it, fantasize about it.
  • If negative thoughts pop up, deal with them: examine what’s causing that negative thought and actually work your way through it (I’ll go into that in further detail in my upcoming posts)
  • Whenever you start feeling like you want to achieve your goal too much, that you are TOO emotionally invest, stop and focus on letting go of the actual outcome
  • Simply explore the state you wish to experience, how does it feel to know that you have achieved what you wanted?

Sounds like a lot of work? It is.

Total ImmersionIt’s the kind of work that HAS to be FUN, otherwise you won’t be able to do it, at least not for long. And that’s not always a bad thing, because a lot of times manifesting something includes using way #2 for a while, then giving up and forgetting about it altogether, which gets way #1 to kick into action.

I found that Manifesting isn’t about doing nothing and having what you want delivered to you on a silver platter, nor is it about busting your ass. It’s about doing the work required on your part and allowing the rest to come to you.

Which way is better, to start with?

If you don’t believe in intuition, hunches, or gut feelings, I’d say this is a wonderful opportunity to start following your instincts and just pick the way you currently find more appealing. Doesn’t matter, as long as you start! Either one way, or the combination of both, will get you where you want to go.

Personally, I always start with way # 1, then move on to way # 2 once I realize I can’t forget about my goal. I’ve used both ways successfully numerous times in the past, though “use” might not be a good way to describe how I gave up on things after I worked long and hard for them, or simply forgot I wanted them, only to have them come to me effortlessly.

To your abundance!

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