Do you choose the PROBLEM or the SOLUTION?

A newsletter I got in my mailbox today got me thinking about that choice: your problem, whatever it may be, and its solution, which is out there (since everything is “out there”, in the universe, waiting to be manifested).

I know how cheesy this might sound, but the quickest path to conciously manifesting what you want in life is by making choices. Choosing again and again the path of the creator. The one that manifests the solution while letting go of the problem.

So here’s something you might want to¬†think about for a minute:

Every once in a while (or on a daily basis…), we choose our problem over the solution.

Think of it this way, are you familiar with the feeling of doing something while your mind is constantly muttering “I rather be doing something else” or “this isn’t working” or even “how stupid, why am I doing this right now?”

It could be something simple like getting stuck in a conversation that you really don’t want to have or something a lot more grave, like going every day to a work that you don’t like (on good days) or suffers from (on all the other days).

Lately I’ve come to realize, in my own manifesting journey, that I’m really good at ignoring this small voice. I’m also really good at throwing some limiting beliefs towards him to hush it, and at telling it off.

And that got me thinking, why do we sometimes choose the problem, over the solution?

Scientists who examined the brain found that neural pathways grow stronger or weaker, depending on how often they are being used. Like a muscle.

So if, for example, every morning when you get up, you say to yourself “I must go to work every day, even if I really don’t like it, the alternative is much worse…” then over time, it will grow easier to think this way. Your brain will adapt.

BUT the first day you wake up and try to choose a different thought, like “I can quit. I can do things that make me happy and be abundant, there’s absolutely no contradiction between the two.” your brain will start to moan. New path = untrained muscle = not so easy.

The way you think is the key…

Think about your problem this way: It’s easier to focus on it, it’s familar. The solution is not.

It’s easier to sustain your problem, than to develop a new thinking pattern. And each problem that you are really keen on solving, comes not with one, but with a bunch of thoughts that you are used to thinking…

So it’s not just this one thought that you need to give up on. And for most of us, changing our thoughts is SO much harder than changing your actions. That’s why I keep saying that affirmations don’t work so well, as most LOA and positive thinking practitioners claim. Repeating affirmations is an action. The underlying thought could be contradictory.

You could repeat to yourself 100 times a day that money is flowing to your effortlessly and continuously. If you’re brain keeps muttering “you’re a liar” or “what a load of c**p!” then your affirmation habit will do you more harm than good.

Whenever you want to have your solution, revert back to your thoughts. 99 times out of a 100, you will be able to inspect them and see that they are the ones that require changing. Your actions, the different kind of action that produces the result that you want, will effortlessly follow.

It all starts when you choose to think about the solution and let go of hashing out the problem.

Albert Einstein said it this way –
“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

So this is an open invitation to choose the solution. Sometimes, it’s simply wonderful to realize that the solution is really just about making that ridiculously simple, concious choice.

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