Do You Love Yourself Enough to Manifest What You Want?

When’s the last time you told yourself “I love you”? Lack of self love won’t always stop you from manifesting what you want. But it will prevent you from enjoying what you have manifested.

If you often feel unworthy/not smart enough/not good/beautiful enough, if you compare yourself to others and suffer from the results of your analysis, then self love is exactly what the doctor orders.

How is Self Love Related to Manifesting?

self love and manifestingHere’s the thing about the tricky relation between self love and manifesting.

When you don’t love yourself enough, often your motivation to manifest is to stop feeling this way, to feel better about yourself and your life.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work, unless your mind first starts thinking differently.

When you are looking to manifest a loving relationship, this seems trivial – you have to love yourself first before someone else can love you.

But even if you are looking to manifest more money, a better job, a brand new car or a vacation in a secluded resort, you need self love in order to enjoy the fruits of your manifesting fruits.

While it is already obvious to you that harsh self judgment and lack of appreciation can bring about a variety of ailments and overall negatively impact the quality of your life, both spiritually and physically, BUT as a manifestor, you might make the mistake of thinking that you can work around that, and simply manifest the things that will make you feel good. But the way it actually works is –

Why You Need to Manifest Unconditional Self Love FIRST

If you are looking to manifest ANYTHING that you think will make you feel better about yourself, about your body, your mind or your life (and let’s face it, that’s the only reason we manifest), remember that manifesting physical things has nothing to do with any of that.

Your mind thinks a certain way, because of the way it is conditioned to think.

manifesting weight lossIt’s a very important distinction to make:

  • The answer to “I’m fat” can definitely be manifesting a sleamer, fit body.
  • The answer to “I must lose weight, I hate my fat body” is to love your body first.

And it is actually not that hard to love your body first…

Think of all the wonderful things that it enables you to do, everyday. The sensations you do enjoy, simply because your body has senses and you can hear music or look at a beautiful sunset, or pat a fluffy cat.

Once you’ve done some appreciation of what is, then you should move on to manifesting a slimmer, fitter body. Then, you can think about it as a way to REWARD the body that you love (and as a way to PUNISH the body that you hate). And don’t forget to feed it with good, energizing foods along the way, BECAUSE you love your body and want it to be energetic and healthy.

Guess what, if you think your body is ugly now, you will find out ways to think the same way, even after you will lose the extra weight. Or, if you will condition your brain to feel good just because the scale shows 10 pounds less, you will create a destructive brain path of ‘if’-‘then’. This can lead you to over-exercise or not eat well, just to sustain that self love.

Self love should be unconditioned. You don’t need to prove anything to yourself or be anything you’re not already. Yet we often first seek outside ourselves: appreciation from others, compliments, or if we do turn inwards, we condition feeling good on being a very specific version of ourselves.

So love yourself especially when you aren’t perfect. You didn’t come to this world to meet your standards. You came to this world to learn and to enjoy yourself. As long as you keep on doing both, to any degree, you are doing great. Tell yourself that, and remember the saying –

“we’re all perfect in our imperfection”.

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  1. Jean West Watanabe
    January 6, 2017 - 8:24 pm

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. And the title of this article is the true lesson to be learned. I was happy to see it.

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