Manifesting Hiccups: 10 Reasons why LOA isn’t working for you

Troubleshooting your manifesting routine could be a bummer, because it means something is working the way you want it to. But I prefer to think of it as a great way to enhance your manifesting skills! So here goes:

10 Reasons Why You Are Unable to Manifest

1) You (secretly) don’t really want it.

Yeah, even if you’re thinking to yourself “this is ridiculous” you will not believe how many times this is the actual reason people are unable to manifest. If you don’t get, at the very minimum, a tingle of joy when you think about getting what you want then chances are you don’t really want it. Often society, family or friends lead us to think that we want something, when in fact, we really really don’t, and so our subconcious works “takes care” of it for us, by making sure that we don’t get it.

2) You are forcing LOA (to manifest what you want in a specific way).

While this might work, it will take much longer. If you want more freedom in your life but you are trying to manifest a specific amount of extra income each month, you are actaully putting unneccesary limitations. What if there are much easier ways to getting what you are actually looking for? Allow the law of attraction some wiggling room!

3) You’re afraid of the bad things that (might) follow when you will get what you want.

This is a tricky one. Sometimes, embedded into manifesting your heart’s desire is some sort of drawback. If you don’t work out and solve your issues with the drawbacks, chances are you’ll be working against yourself and preventing LOA from doing what you want it to do.

4) You don’t believe it’s really possible.

So sure, you know LOA works. Sometimes, for some people. Even for you, when you are asking things that your mind can make sense of. But what happens when you try to manifest a purple cow? Do you actually believe that purple cows exist? Or let’s go smaller. Manifesting $1,000,000 within 3 months. Do you truely believe that this is a possibility, in your life?
If you don’t, it’s time to either change what you believe or the very thing that you are looking to manifest.

5) Your true desire stands in conflict with what you are currently looking to manifest.

When you start manifesting on a daily basis, you realize that many things you can manifest are just fun and games. They have nothing to do with your true desires. On a deeper level, life is about following your passion, those things that fill you up and truely excite you. If you are trying to manifest a very lucrative 9-5 desk job, when your true passion is being a traveling photographer, your manifesting will often falter. Manifesting against your deep wishes and desires is the hardest kind of manifesting there is.

6) It isn’t your divine timing yet.

Now that’s a big bummer. This is specifically true when you are trying to manifest something huge like a relationship, buying your dream home or having a baby. Sometimes you do everything you can on your end, and the only thing you can do is let go. Here’s the silver lining though: the vast majority of all manifesting goals, in general don’t have a divine timing!

7) You think about what you want too often.

If you think about waht you want to manifest morning, noon and night, then chances are you are throwing some negative vibes in the mix, which are actually stopping your from getting what you want. Like with 6) on the list, sometimes you have to let go before getting what you want.

8) You’re emotionally attached to the idea of getting what you want.

Now that’s a tough one. You want it too much, who can blame you? If you really want something, you tend to have a lot riding on getting what you want and heavy emotions aren’t the way to go about using LOA. Ideally, all manifesting should be treated as a game. So when that happens, work on putting your ego aside and just go back to practicing the basics. Manifesting a parking spot is one of my personal favorite exercises.

9) You haven’t been specific enough in your request.

Let’s go back to 2) on the list. Say you are asking for freedom, but you don’t specify what that means to you. Don’t leave LOA with too much room for interpertation. Be specific with what ‘freedom’ means to you.

10) You’re getting in your own way with too much action.

Guess what: the law of attraction doesn’t need your help. If you think you are not doing enough, and as a result try to DO more, then LOA will take a step back. Let it do its part.

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