Manifesting a Relationship: Special LOA Tips for Valentines

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I wanted to share some manifesting tips for those who are looking to attract a loving partner and to wish everyone a Valentines day that’s full of love (feeling love is actually one of the manifesting tips 😉 )

1) Don’t try to manifest “the love of your life”

Why not, you ask? Well, there is the issue of divine timing and whole other set of things to consider when you are aiming so high. Then don’t. The next love that you will find might not last a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t mean it won’t be great, and loving, or even that it won’t last. Just don’t put that constraint on your manifesting process, as you might end up waiting for your divine timing, all the while being upset that your are unable to manifest the relationship that you so desire.

2) Create positive “relationship” vibes

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