Manifesting a Relationship: Special LOA Tips for Valentines

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I wanted to share some manifesting tips for those who are looking to attract a loving partner and to wish everyone a Valentines day that’s full of love (feeling love is actually one of the manifesting tips 😉 )

1) Don’t try to manifest “the love of your life”

Why not, you ask? Well, there is the issue of divine timing and whole other set of things to consider when you are aiming so high. Then don’t. The next love that you will find might not last a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t mean it won’t be great, and loving, or even that it won’t last. Just don’t put that constraint on your manifesting process, as you might end up waiting for your divine timing, all the while being upset that your are unable to manifest the relationship that you so desire.

2) Create positive “relationship” vibes

What signifies to you that you are in a relationship? Two pillows on the bed? the opposite sex’s toiletries (I love the scent of almost all shower gels for men!), someone to cuddle you in bed? Whether its physical evidence that your partner exists (even if it is just a trick, for now) or just imagining a warm hug and getting all warm and cuddly on the inside, whatever lifts your spirit goes.

manifesting a relationshipAnd the more you do it, the better! Feel the love and happiness as you work this method and you’ll notice these positive feelings intensify and see how you become a magnet and attract more love and happiness (even if it isn’t of the romantic sort, at first, it doesn’t mean it isn’t working, the opposite is true!).

3) Knowing he or she are out there

Go outside. Look at the sky. There is one thing that you can know right now about your future partner: they are under the exact same sky as you are. You are on the same planet. And it is only a matter of time until you meet. Reinforce this concept and repeat it to yourself: it is not a question of IF, it’s a question of WHEN.

The idea behind this technique is to turn feelings of doubts to feelings of pleasant expectation. Yes, you don’t know when it will happen. But being confidence that it is only a matter of time will help you not only attract the love that you want, but also to more quickly identify it, as soon as it arrives.

Many people who have practices these methods have attested to the fact that the instant they met their partner, for the first time, they knew.

As weird as it sounds, it’s like a beacon that locks onto the target. So work that magic!

4) Write, talk and make plans for the future

The higher your confidence level that your partner is on his way to you, the easier it will be to make the shift and turn this into your reality. One way to show yourself that you are sure that your partner is coming, is to write. You can talk about your day, about your love towards him (yes, it is possible to tap into the love you are feeling for your partner before you guys even met!) or about anything else. You can talk if you are not a huge fan of the written word, and even lay out some plans you have for when you two meet (things to do together etc…)

5) Trust the process

Now this is the hardest part. You can religiously follow every possible manifesting tip that you stumble upon and raise your head a couple of months later to realize that your reality is still the same. And this is the most important step – TRUST.

Even if you don’t notice any change, it is coming. If you are feeling hopeful and positive most of the time, then the change that is needed is taking place. Stay open, pay attention to “signs” from the universe, and trust. You can’t miss the person you were meant to be with.

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