Living the Dream VS. Enjoying Your Reality (and also, why I haven’t I written in such a long time…)

So, I haven’t written in a while and the reason for that is that I took a long vacation and I am now in New Zealand. Though it’s already been 1.5 months of traveling (wow, I can’t believe how time flies when you are having wicked fun!), I’ve only now begun to really settle into my new traveling routine.

So in this short post, I just want to share my 2 cents about the HUGE difference between manifesting your dreams and actually enjoying the new reality that you have created for yourself.

Researches have shown that the level of happiness that a person is feeling, is determined far more by his or her personality and character, then by external changes to his (or her) living conditions.

While we might know that, to some degree, we usually feel like its better to take care of the outside circumstances, then with the way we are feeling on the inside. And while I’m not saying that manifesting things in the real, physical world isn’t important (heck, I have a blog about how to do it!), it is just as important to learn how to be blissfully happy.

Unlike what you may think, you can be in the most perfect of places, on the best day of the year, with the person you love the most right beside you, and still something will feel out of sync. The secret sauce, if you will. Some will refer to it as bliss, other happiness. Other will just prefer a feeling of tranquility. But it’s that inside factor that matters the most, and yet, it is so often overlooked, even when we become proficient manifesters. Happiness doesn’t just happen when you sort out your physical world: job, money, life partner, family… it happens when you decide to manifest it.

So, whatever it is you wish to create in your physical world, don’t forget to manifest a you that is feeling great. Peaceful, excited, blissfully happy, you name it. Just do, so it will BE.

Sending my best from New Zealand,


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