Living the Dream VS. Enjoying Your Reality (and also, why I haven’t I written in such a long time…)

So, I haven’t written in a while and the reason for that is that I took a long vacation and I am now in New Zealand. Though it’s already been 1.5 months of traveling (wow, I can’t believe how time flies when you are having wicked fun!), I’ve only now begun to really settle into my new traveling routine.

So in this short post, I just want to share my 2 cents about the HUGE difference between manifesting your dreams and actually enjoying the new reality that you have created for yourself. Continue Reading

Manifesting a Relationship: Special LOA Tips for Valentines

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I wanted to share some manifesting tips for those who are looking to attract a loving partner and to wish everyone a Valentines day that’s full of love (feeling love is actually one of the manifesting tips 😉 )

1) Don’t try to manifest “the love of your life”

Why not, you ask? Well, there is the issue of divine timing and whole other set of things to consider when you are aiming so high. Then don’t. The next love that you will find might not last a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t mean it won’t be great, and loving, or even that it won’t last. Just don’t put that constraint on your manifesting process, as you might end up waiting for your divine timing, all the while being upset that your are unable to manifest the relationship that you so desire.

2) Create positive “relationship” vibes

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How to Manifest Your Vision

I’ve recently attended a manifesting workshop that included a manifesting meditation and vision writing, so that this vision will be manifested and you will create your desired reality.

The right state of mind for writing a vision: when you are relaxed and a bit inspired
You don’t have to wait for such a time, you can get these energies flowing with the help of 20 minutes of sport or meditation

Step #1 – Write in the present tense

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3 Ways to Quickly Remove Negative Beliefs So They Will No Longer Stand in Your Way in 2016

On the verge of a new year, I want to equip you with the 3 most powerful tools in my toolbox for dealing with and removing negative beliefs. If you are serious about making 2016 a great one for you, these 3 methods are sure going to help you on your path.

The mix of these 3 methods has had a 100% success rate with me, (as well as for countless others!), so I feel really confident saying that you need to have these in your manifesting toolbox as well. Continue Reading

How to Re-Evaluate Your Life Goals, The RIGHT way

Let me start with a question: Do you have a WRITTEN list of goals that you are looking to manifest?

If you’ve answered “yes” then great.

If you’re answer is anything but “yes”, then you might find the following fact interesting: those who write their goals, have a much higher chance of actually achieving them!
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Why Vision Boards Are Often Worthless or Even Harmful

While I really aim this blog to be 98% about what works and what helps you actually manifest the things that you want in life, there is a special place here for what doesn’t work. There are some methods that have been used for years, manifesting methods that have been perceived as efficient but in reality, often produced very poor results for those who used them.

And from those methods, I think vision boards takes the first place. Pumped in movies and discussed in books, even that no little to nothing about attracting things into their lives, have heard of vision boards. Continue Reading

Write it Down, Make it Happen: My Own Writing for Manifesting Technique

My View of Manifesting

To me, manifesting is a form of art. You have a goal and you set out to manifest it and the result you get is greatly influenced by your chosen set of tools and techniques. When I first started thinking about writing a manifesting and abundance blog, it was clear to me that the books that inspired me and helped me hone my set of manifesting tools will get a proper shout out here.

So this is the first one, titled “Write It Down Make It Happen – Knowing What You Want and Getting It” by Henriette A. Klauser. It’s a collection of stories. Different people who wrote down what they wanted and got it.

This book doesn’t have any elaborate manifesting techniques in it, but it confirms that what happened to me, when I wrote down my goals, was not a coincidence or something that works just for me. Continue Reading

Money and Why Your Thoughts About It are Preventing you from Achieving Your Goals

Many people think that believing in the law of attraction and manifesting means that you are either plain ignorant, or, if not, that you are ignoring science, research, the economy and everything about how the world really works. Some of the people closest to me are such skeptics.

Back when I used to talk to them about my experiences with the law of attraction, I would start feeling frustrated each time they pulled out some fact that I couldn’t contradict with my limited knowledge of physics and economics. I really didn’t like feeling that this powerful thing I’ve been using and getting amazing results with couldn’t be backed up by the kind of research and science that they are looking for. Continue Reading

2 Totally Awesome Ways o Achieve Your Goals

2 Totally Awesome Ways (that work!) to Achieve Your Goals

Fiddling with the law of attraction, I’ve learnt that contrary to popular belief, there are 2 completely opposite ways to achieve what you want in life, especially when it comes to manifesting things that you REALLY want like money, prosperity, a new relationship, a new job, and more.

Both ways I’m going to talk about work (I’ve been using both of years) but you don’t always get to choose which option to use, so you have to know both. Continue Reading