Manifesting Case Study: 4K in 3 Months (Or Less)

Since I don’t see a lot of manifesting case studies, I’ve decided to create one on my own. I needed some extra cash, so I decided that my challenge will be to manifest 4K in 3 months.

The rules were as follows:
1) It had to be from an unexpected source
2) It cannot be linked to something negative happening (for example: being involved in a car accident which results in getting money from the insurance company) Continue Reading

How to Re-Evaluate Your Life Goals, The RIGHT way

Let me start with a question: Do you have a WRITTEN list of goals that you are looking to manifest?

If you’ve answered “yes” then great.

If you’re answer is anything but “yes”, then you might find the following fact interesting: those who write their goals, have a much higher chance of actually achieving them!
Continue Reading

Why Vision Boards Are Often Worthless or Even Harmful

While I really aim this blog to be 98% about what works and what helps you actually manifest the things that you want in life, there is a special place here for what doesn’t work. There are some methods that have been used for years, manifesting methods that have been perceived as efficient but in reality, often produced very poor results for those who used them.

And from those methods, I think vision boards takes the first place. Pumped in movies and discussed in books, even that no little to nothing about attracting things into their lives, have heard of vision boards. Continue Reading