Chillax! You’re Doing GOOD

I know I haven’t written in like a decade. I’ve been directing and focusing my attention on growing my local business, which means tons of creative energy in a different direction. My plan is to eventually bring all this goodness right back here, but until then, it will be mostly 1 on 1 work for those who are looking for more MsManifesting vibes.

Anyhow, that’s not the topic of today’s post. What I want to talk about today is something that I see every week in my practice: those who still think manifesting is more about doing, and get nervous that they are not doing it “right” or not “doing it enough”.

The first, very first thing you want to be aware of in all of your manifesting andeavors is that it feels good. If it does, then great, all the more reason to chillax.

And if it doesn’t? Then until you chill out, relax, get to the point where the buzz of “do more!” isn’t driving you crazy, there really isn’t any point of doing anything else.

So this is my message to you: Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, if you want to improve your manifesting results, you can probably benefit from some chillaxing.

Even if you’re not doing anything at all. Go back to basics, remember that manifesting is NOT about doing, manifesting is about being. And if you master that part, of being, the doing will be easier, more inspired, and get you to where you want to go much faster.

So the first thing you want to do is start feeling good. About what you are doing, and aren’t.

Turns out this is going to be a very short post. Oh well. Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, and in the meantime, have a mighty chillaxing time 🙂

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