Manifesting and Meditation – Why a Good Manifestor Meditates

Every once in a while, even the most experienced manifesting maven can (and probably will…) get lost. Asking yourself “Which manifesting path should I now take?” is only natural, there are after all TONS of possibilities and options!

For me, realizing that manifesting get so much easier when I tune into and follow my bliss, doing what excites me, was a wonderful revelation, but it also came with its fair share of confusion.

Once you start manifesting successfully, this feeling of “I can do anything! I can be anything!” takes over for a while… and naturally, the question of “What is it that I REALLY want?” follows suit.

The ‘Too Many Manifesting Options Syndrom’

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Manifesting Goals within Goals: Stop & Start Aiming for the Stars

When was the last time you tried to manifest some money, without giving any thought to how hard or easy it is going to be?

Many financial goals are often perceived by us as “too big”. In fact, we should have financial goals at all, one number at a time should be more than enough: this is number that allows us to fully express ourselves, while living the life that we want.

But when that number sounds too high, it could be tempting to ‘start breaking it down’ into mini goals. Like, for example, if the end goal is to earn $100,000 passively each month, chances are there will mini goals along the way, aimed at manifesting smaller amounts. But why would gradually be better than all at once? Continue Reading