Creating Your Reality Using The Law of Least Resistance

The law of least resistance states that whenever you find yourself trying too hard, you just need to stop and let go. Sounds fun, just let go and have the universe take care of the rest… right?
But what happens when you try to let go, and you realize that letting go is a huge effort, all by itself?

In the physical context, letting go of something we are holding onto could not be more simple. In the emotional world, it could be harder than to do then to “keep working on your manifesting”…

My own personal experience of letting go

For a very long time, I was subscribed to the belief that only by sheer determination and a lot of hard work I will accomplish anything in life. I even thought pain must be involved sometimes, as I used to suffer from stress related back pain all through middle school.

Then somehow, by mistake, I used the law of attraction for the first time. Then the second. Continue Reading

Do You Love Yourself Enough to Manifest What You Want?

When’s the last time you told yourself “I love you”? Lack of self love won’t¬†always stop you from manifesting what you want. But it will prevent you from enjoying what you have manifested.

If you often feel unworthy/not smart enough/not good/beautiful enough, if you compare yourself to others and suffer from the results of your analysis, then self love is exactly what the doctor orders.

How is Self Love Related to Manifesting?

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