Congratulations, You Have Manifested It!

That thing you really wanted to manifest. And so far it’s still not there. It’s yours now.

Post manifesting: How do you feel?

Today I’d like to invite you to travel with me to the land of the not-so-distant future, to this lovely day right after you got exactly what you wanted to manifest.

(If you find it hard to imagine the day after, than you might want to do some cleaning of negative beliefs first, to really get in the vibe.)

So, you wake up, the very next morning. It could be the first day of your new life or just your first vacation day in a luxury resort in Hawaii. It doesn’t matter. But it’s here, it has arrived. You have made it.

And let me ask you again. How do you feel? Stop for a minute and really see it in your mind’s eye.

If what you were asked right now is –

A) Too difficult to ‘feel the feeling’: you just can’t imagine it.

Even with a billion dollar in your account or after curing cancer, you will still go to sleep and have to wake up and brush your teeth.

The very regular human experience is the one you will want to integrate into your visualization. And it’s not just for fun, it will actually lead you to be aligned with what you are looking to manifest.

If you don’t have a clear vision of how you feel, the day after, then get that clarity and magic will happen.

B) Very easy to imagine, BUT the day after seems kind of regular, no special feelings involved. In that case, may I ask you… how come? It’s this big thing, you’ve been wanting it for a while, I presume, but the day after feels just like any other day? You’re not even particularly happy about your achievement?

It’s our feelings that magnetize things to us. If we’re talking about this big thing you were looking to manifest, how come your feelings remain almost unchanged?

Figure that out, ramp up those positive day-after feelings and you will become instantly magnetic to that thing you are looking to manifest.

C) Easy to imagine, and the excitement/happiness/serenity you wanted to feel are definitely there, BUT there are too many things you haven’t worked out about the day after.

Get into the details you still haven’t worked out. Build the mental picture of waking up, and what you are doing, all the while staying tuned to the way that it FEELS. We sometimes want to manifest something but have no idea how it will really look and feel, in our lives, the day to day of it.

If neither A, B or C applied to you, and you can be, right there, in the day after, and the feeling is just great, than box this feeling.

After you have it in a box, make sure you pull it every once in while, and when you get that good feeling flowing through your body, just say “thanks” for it. Feel the gratitude. This kind of alignment means you will receive it. And giving thanks for what you receive just draws more good things.. which is another bonus of being grateful.

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