Being Abundant

What Still Hasn’t Been Said about Becoming Abundant

There are many workshops, books, courses and lectures about being abundant and about wealth consciousness. There are even more of these when it comes to getting rich, retiring young and living off your wise investments.

But only few make the obvious connection between the two, and emphasize not only how powerful the combination is, but how powerless each of the two, wealth consciousness and getting rich plans are, each on their own.

One without the other is meaningless, it’s like paddling with your hands, because the wind died down and your boat is at a standstill.

You have to believe before you act, and have that belief infused into anything and everything that you do. You don’t need to have the best idea, service, or the perfect plan for becoming rich. It needs to be good, and you need to believe that it is good.

If you wish to acquire wealth, to become financially free and experience abundance, a good first step is to realize which part of the equation requires strengthening. Actually, I believe that if you are reading this, you have gone through more than a couple of “first steps”. You’ve probably even made some significant strides towards your goal. But you are not exactly where you want to be, at best, or far from it.

I’ll finish with this: The universe provides, but it’s our decision to take it. I sincerely hope that you’ll find something to take from this blog.