Manifesting a Relationship: Special LOA Tips for Valentines

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I wanted to share some manifesting tips for those who are looking to attract a loving partner and to wish everyone a Valentines day that’s full of love (feeling love is actually one of the manifesting tips šŸ˜‰ )

1) Don’t try to manifest “the love of your life”

Why not, you ask? Well, there is the issue of divine timing and whole other set of things to consider when you are aiming so high. Then don’t. The next love that you will find might not last a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t mean it won’t be great, and loving, orĀ even that it won’tĀ last.Ā Just don’t put that constraint on your manifesting process, as you might end up waiting for your divine timing, all the while being upset that your are unable to manifest the relationship that you so desire.

2) Create positive “relationship” vibes

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How to Succesfully Manifest a Complex Goal

Have you ever tried manifesting something BIG? Something that you knew won’t be very easy for you to accomplish?

What Can YouĀ Do When Manifesting ISN’T Quick and Easy

When you are looking to manifest something big or complex, manifesting could be a bit like cooking: it’s about mixing different ingredients, in the right quantities AND at the right time.

You need to have all the right ingredients in order to do so, and you have to know what you’re doing.

I figured the best way to explain this would be an example from my own life, and so I decided to use one of the biggest goals I’ve had so far in my own life – Buying my own placeĀ to live in… Continue Reading

How to Manifest Your Vision

I’ve recently attended a manifesting workshop that included a manifesting meditation and vision writing, so that this vision will be manifested and you will create your desired reality.

The right state of mind for writing a vision: when you are relaxed and a bit inspired
You don’t have to wait for such a time, you can get these energies flowing with the help of 20 minutes of sport or meditation

Step #1 – Write in the present tense

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