Chillax! You’re Doing GOOD

I know I haven’t written in like a decade. I’ve been directing and focusing my attention on growing my local business, which means tons of creative energy in a different direction. My plan is to eventually bring all this goodness right back here, but until then, it will be mostly 1 on 1 work for those who are looking for more MsManifesting vibes.

Anyhow, that’s not the topic of today’s post. What I want to talk about today is something that I see every week in my practice: those who still think manifesting is more about doing, and get nervous that they are not doing it “right” or not “doing it enough”.

The first, very first thing you want to be aware of in all of your manifesting andeavors is that it feels good. If it does, then great, all the more reason to chillax. Continue Reading

Are We Destined To Get Out Of The Rat Race?

I haven’t written in a long time, so first: my apologies. I have been working on a money mindset & manifesting course for women which was (and still) a wonderful, creative experience. But it also took up all of my free time for a while and left me with very little to say and write about manifesting elsewhere.

Then I left tree crazy behind and went on a much needed vacation, which, in many ways, I see as my first vacation ever.

Funny, how I never allowed myself to rake a vacation, only trips which I referred to as vacations.

It took me, it seems, over 33 years to understand that drinking pina coladas and staring at the ocean for hours on end is a VACATION, while running around trying to see everything a place has to see, do the maximum amount possible of activities one can possibly do in a day and making sure no minute goes “to waste” is NOT 🙂

And this first true vacation made me want more. Which got me thinking, about the nature of the rat race.

The rat race, which is all about exchanging time for money, gets a money oriented person like me wondering what is worth my money, instead of the definitely more rewarding question: “what is worth my time?”

If you are like me, then chances are answering the second question WITHOUT giving any thought to the first in the process, is going to be a challenge. What I didn came to realize, though, is that there will be no escaping it.

It’s not only because the world needs less workers, many jobs are becoming obsolete or machines are now doing what humans used to… it’s not just about the accumulating evidence that with more free time, people are actually more productive and more creative… it’s about a new era, which we are lucky to be alive for – the era of personal human development and growth.

The human race was all about surviving for so long, that it’s really hard to believe that without hard work, tons of luck or exceptional manifesting abilities, this will no longer be the case.

But we’re actually at the dawn of a new age, where time will be the first resource we focus on.

What I love about this, about how we are destined to escape the rat race, is that like all other manifesting related activities I do, the thought by itself is challenging. The thought by itself gives the law of attraction more to work with, to bring me loads of free time… where money plays no object.

And for me, it has been life changing, it has led me too see this new world more vividly and more clearly andI continue to explore this notion everyday.

Will you try it as well? Even if you feel that there is still no evidence that this is true, and you need to manifest this evidence of the new era yourself? Let’s start with “In a world where only time matters, and money doesn’t have any meaning, I want…” it’s your turn to take it from here now 😉

What Shall You Manifest Next? The Paradox of Savvy Manifestors

Recently I got a bit lost, manifesting-wise.
See, I have this issue with decision making. I can’t make them, when both options have merit. I just can’t. What I usually end up doing is waiting until my feelings change, to the point that the decision is a no-brainer.

For example, if I have an event to go to, one that I’m really not sure I will enjoy (or, rather, spend my time doing something else), I would usually wait until the very last minute, to see which option is making me feel worse: ditching and not going, perhaps disappointing those who were expecting me, or spending my time on something I don’t want to do.

This method leads to a lot of last minute decision making, but it works for me.
It doesn’t work, though, when it comes to manifesting!

Discovering the wonderful world of the law of attraction, the unlimited possibilities, brought on its fair share of confusion. What do I want to manifest next? Continue Reading

Boost Your Abundance Levels with The Abundance Triangle

When Was The Last Time Your Abundance Level Jumped?

This month I has my first manifesting workshop. It was exciting and very fulfilling. I thoroughly enjoyed the rush of talking about what I love and doing what I love (the workshop included an active meditation process).

The workshop was for manifesting beginners, and  topic was the missing element, the one responsible for us having a prosperous, happy, abundant life here on earth. And that got me thinking, about those conscious creators who have already been working at this manifesting thing for quite a while, and get stuck despite vast manifesting knowledge and tons of manifesting experience.

And so, the abundance triangle was formed. I know that it is a great gift for savvy manifestors , and I hope that it will serve you well, manifesting a delightful 2017.

What’s The Abundance Triangle All About?

Your abundance relies on 3 cornerstones: Continue Reading

Congratulations, You Have Manifested It!

That thing you really wanted to manifest. And so far it’s still not there. It’s yours now.

Post manifesting: How do you feel?

Today I’d like to invite you to travel with me to the land of the not-so-distant future, to this lovely day right after you got exactly what you wanted to manifest.

(If you find it hard to imagine the day after, than you might want to do some cleaning of negative beliefs first, to really get in the vibe.)

So, you wake up, the very next morning. It could be the first day of your new life or just your first vacation day in a luxury resort in Hawaii. It doesn’t matter. But it’s here, it has arrived. You have made it. Continue Reading

The Only Piece Of Manifesting Advice You Cannot Afford Not To Listen To

Manifesting is a form of art.

And as with art, you can use a variety of tools.
There are lots of good mindset and law of attraction coaches that have solid tools, tools they swear by, methods to follow to get what you want, live long and prosper.

And it’s all good and well, until you get this uncomfortable feeling in your stomach,
that feeling that I’m not doing enough, I’m not following instructions, I’m not visualizing enough or removing limiting beliefs. Whatever it is, I know this feeling, I’ve had my fair share of “ahhh I’m not doing what I need to be doing in order to get to where I want to go!”.
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Manifesting Your Heaven OR Is Heaven a Place on Earth?

What are we looking to create, really, when we manifest? Joy? Meaning? Serenity? We often couple these feelings with a certain place and time, believing we need the external circumstances to induce the inner state we’re aiming for.

I got a reminder of that constraint a couple of days ago, that I had to share.

From Just Watching TV to Talking Heaven

“So, that was heaven, actually?…”

We’ve just finished watching an episode of a show that will not be named, to avoid spoilers, and my partner springs this question to the air. So yes, we did just witness a “happily ever after” kind of moment. But still, heaven?

I give it some extra thought and realize that the phrase “heaven in a place on earth” is not just a phrase. Heaven (not the religious one), is a concept we pay little attention too. Too little, I think.

So… what is heaven? Is it a warm place where you live by the beach, not having to worry about health or paying the bills? Continue Reading

Manifesting and Meditation – Why a Good Manifestor Meditates

Every once in a while, even the most experienced manifesting maven can (and probably will…) get lost. Asking yourself “Which manifesting path should I now take?” is only natural, there are after all TONS of possibilities and options!

For me, realizing that manifesting get so much easier when I tune into and follow my bliss, doing what excites me, was a wonderful revelation, but it also came with its fair share of confusion.

Once you start manifesting successfully, this feeling of “I can do anything! I can be anything!” takes over for a while… and naturally, the question of “What is it that I REALLY want?” follows suit.

The ‘Too Many Manifesting Options Syndrom’

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Manifesting Goals within Goals: Stop & Start Aiming for the Stars

When was the last time you tried to manifest some money, without giving any thought to how hard or easy it is going to be?

Many financial goals are often perceived by us as “too big”. In fact, we should have financial goals at all, one number at a time should be more than enough: this is number that allows us to fully express ourselves, while living the life that we want.

But when that number sounds too high, it could be tempting to ‘start breaking it down’ into mini goals. Like, for example, if the end goal is to earn $100,000 passively each month, chances are there will mini goals along the way, aimed at manifesting smaller amounts. But why would gradually be better than all at once? Continue Reading

Creating Your Reality Using The Law of Least Resistance

The law of least resistance states that whenever you find yourself trying too hard, you just need to stop and let go. Sounds fun, just let go and have the universe take care of the rest… right?
But what happens when you try to let go, and you realize that letting go is a huge effort, all by itself?

In the physical context, letting go of something we are holding onto could not be more simple. In the emotional world, it could be harder than to do then to “keep working on your manifesting”…

My own personal experience of letting go

For a very long time, I was subscribed to the belief that only by sheer determination and a lot of hard work I will accomplish anything in life. I even thought pain must be involved sometimes, as I used to suffer from stress related back pain all through middle school.

Then somehow, by mistake, I used the law of attraction for the first time. Then the second. Continue Reading