What Shall You Manifest Next? The Paradox of Savvy Manifestors

Recently I got a bit lost, manifesting-wise.
See, I have this issue with decision making. I can’t make them, when both options have merit. I just can’t. What I usually end up doing is waiting until my feelings change, to the point that the decision is a no-brainer.

For example, if I have an event to go to, one that I’m really not sure I will enjoy (or, rather, spend my time doing something else), I would usually wait until the very last minute, to see which option is making me feel worse: ditching and not going, perhaps disappointing those who were expecting me, or spending my time on something I don’t want to do.

This method leads to a lot of last minute decision making, but it works for me.
It doesn’t work, though, when it comes to manifesting!

Discovering the wonderful world of the law of attraction, the unlimited possibilities, brought on its fair share of confusion. What do I want to manifest next?

I ended up writing lists upon lists of goals, without being able to really ‘connect’ with any of them. And so, when something was manifested, it was nice. More than anything, it was proof of my manifesting powers.
When it wasn’t manifested, my inner goddess was like “hhmmpf… what did you expect, really? there was zero desire there.”

The Paradox of Choice

Being aware of all the options we have, all the different things we can attract to our lives, begs the question “what is it that I really want?”. And the answer isn’t always obvious.

When we try to choose our manifesting goals from our head, we usually listen to our ego. The ego wants things that are completely unrelated to what will really make us happy of fulfilled. The ego, actually, is fueled by “wanting”.

Think back to a time where you got something you REALLY wanted, for quite a long time…. how soon after, did your ego say “OK, great, now I want this other thing too?”

And don’t get me wrong, it isn’t bad to want more and more stuff. We want to expand, that’s the nature of the human experience… but when your head leads the way, your goals will not keep you happy for long. They will not contribute to your expansion as much as manifesting your true desires would.

The Easiest Thing To Manifest

When you feel a desire to manifest something, a real flair of excitement thinking about a certain something, you should know that THAT right there, is an easy thing to manifest. Yes, even if it seems big, even if it seems 100% unattainable.

That desire, that true passion, that blip of excitement in the pit of your stomach, these are the things that are showing you the path of least resistance.

And since you’re also pretty excited, it’s totally what you should be manifesting. Even if your ego is not so happy with the idea that you now want to go chant in the woods, or open up a bird sanctuary, or do some Pro Bono work.

You might feel nervous about going after it, it might not feel safe or even crazy.
BUT keep in mind, always, that if there is true desire there, then abundance will follow. And satisfaction.

Follow your bliss is not just a saying, it’s a real sign, for where you should go, to live your life to the fullest.

When Desire Isn’t (Yet) Present

So, this is where I got lost. I couldn’t find my desire. Some things felt nice, some visualizations brought a smile to my face. But I was looking for the huge grin, for that “ohhh, this is awesome!!” feeling. And I just couldn’t find it.

I felt blocked, really. What’s the point in manifesting things I feel no real passion for? I actually realized that my life will look no different, even if I got exactly what I was looking to manifest!

If that is the case for you, just let it be. Yes, it’s hard, I know, so let’s get more specific.

1. Set your intention to have that desire.
2. Release the fear that this desire will take you down a path that you might not be ready to walk… look for ways to clear the emotional blocks this step might present. They will appear.
3. Think about that tingle of excitement, that happy happy state, and times in the past when you’ve felt it.

And then just go about your life, know that it is coming.

Here’s to living your true desires!

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