How to Succesfully Manifest a Complex Goal

Have you ever tried manifesting something BIG? Something that you knew won’t be very easy for you to accomplish?

What Can You Do When Manifesting ISN’T Quick and Easy

When you are looking to manifest something big or complex, manifesting could be a bit like cooking: it’s about mixing different ingredients, in the right quantities AND at the right time.

You need to have all the right ingredients in order to do so, and you have to know what you’re doing.

I figured the best way to explain this would be an example from my own life, and so I decided to use one of the biggest goals I’ve had so far in my own life – Buying my own place to live in…

Complex Manifesting Case Study – Buying a House

I’ve had this goal for years now, and for most , I felt like it still wasn’t the right time to do it. Then, once it was, there were still financial obstacles to overcome.

Finally, after a lot of hard work (I wasn’t really working with the law of attraction on “BIG” things back then), I felt like the timing and my finances aligned and I was ready. Great!

Since this wasn’t my first time in the real-estate market, I felt like I roughly knew what to expect.

The way these things always worked for me was: I’d find something I really liked, it wouldn’t pan out, I’d be upset, then something MUCH BETTER would come along and I would have this “aha!” moment and realized why it was a GOOD thing that the first thing didn’t work.

That’s why I was relatively relaxed, when I saw this cute place that I really wanted, and the owner said that she has listed it for sale despite the fact that it might not be relevant at all, as someone is already making his bid and she was negotiating.

Then, a realtor I knew offered something that wasn’t even officially on the market, and was a huge bargain. I got hooked and asked them to follow up with the seller and close the deal. It quickly turned out that the seller wasn’t even sure he wants to sell, and he ended up not selling.

By then I was feeling considerably more upset, but I figured this too, is for the best. But now, I felt determined to manifest a more pleasant way to do this. I actually worked on manifesting to get all the “time wasters” out of my way, so that the next thing that I would actually spend time on would be IT.

Then an almost perfect opportunity presented itself. The house and location were perfect, the price was a bit too high but we could have made the extra squeeze necessary, and the realtor assured us that this seller was serious about selling and will not be wasting our time.

The realtor set up the meeting, to which the seller came, totally unwilling to sell at the price that she originally asked for. She found out that week that another apartment in the same building sold for $50,000 more, about a year earlier, so she wanted more.

Trying to explain to her that the difference between her never renovated house and the recently renovated one she was comparing it to was the reason that she cannot ask for that additional amount was futile. More time wasted.

By then I was really angry. I have made it clear that I am not interested in wasting my time, then why was this happening to me?

At that point, it was clear to me that what was happening was an indication of something. And although I couldn’t figure out what it is, it was clear to me that this is a manifesting issue. And I couldn’t pass out on the opportunity to upgrade my manifesting skills now, couldn’t I?

It was time to pull out the big manifesting guns, which I did.

Cooking Your Very Own Manifesting Recipe –

Working with the law of attraction, you experience and make use of a wide selection of manifesting tools and methods. Some become personal favorites, others don’t work for you at all. But when it comes to manifesting something that’s big and significant to you, no part of your manifesting knowledge should go unused!

And this is how my house manifesting process unfolded:

1) Checking Limiting Beliefs – Again

While I was sure that I have cleared out all the limiting beliefs on this topic, I had to go back and make sure there wasn’t anything that I missed.

While I didn’t uncover any such beliefs that I haven’t dealt with, I did uncover something else – a compromise I thought I was willing to make (in terms of the house I bought) which, as it turned out, I wasn’t.

2) Commanding the Universe

command the universeThe way to do this is to first get into a state of mind of an army general (yeah, I kid you not!) and sit down to write an order to your soldier. Assume your soldier is simple minded, so you need to be very specific when giving out your orders.

My letter was a very detailed and explicit one. It was designed to leave very little room for anything other then manifesting exactly what I wanted.

I must admit that I am not a very big fan of this technique actually. To me, it feels almost too powerful. Such an command will too often be carried out to the letter, and if you are not super clear and accurate, your manifesting might come with some negative side effects.

3) Writing This Post

This might surprise you a bit: This ENTIRE post was written before any real-estate transaction took place. Most of it was written when no concrete options were available.

As I’m writing, I visualize hitting the “publish” button, with a signed contract on my desk and a huge grin on my face.

This too is one of the “big manifesting guns”. It’s also a super effective way to quickly understand how much your wants and desires are aligned with your goal. If you have any issue or internal conflict related to achieving your goal, this exercise won’t work. You won’t be super jazzed and excited and so you will discover the next stepping stone to manifesting your goal.

4) Giving Up Altogether

give upA big part of my process was about giving up on my house buying goal altogether. I started with the simple, immediate meanings and then allowed my mind to go wild, with more possible outcomes and unpleasant results.

At first, the feeling of unease overwhelmed me, so I knew I had to go even further. I reverted to Brandon’s Bays “The Journey” method and allowed myself to sink into the deep and dark feelings I had associated with not buying a house.

And Then Finally!

The perfect house, with EVERYTHING that I wanted and wrote down in my manifesting journal appeared. The sellers were keen on making the sale and we were actually surprised how everything was performed so efficiently, with no waste of time (remember I asked for that too? 🙂 ).

How long did this manifesting process take?

The first letter of this post was written about 2 months ago. This process manifested 3 houses, and I have to admit, it was far from easy.

Main Takeaway

While it sometimes feels like, as some who is familiar with the Law of Attraction and manifesting, we are doing everything that we possibly could be doing (and it’s frustrating that there are no results, or very little of the WANTED results), there is always something else can be done to nudge the law of attraction in the right direction (even if this something is giving up!)

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