How to Manifest Your Vision

I’ve recently attended a manifesting workshop that included a manifesting meditation and vision writing, so that this vision will be manifested and you will create your desired reality.

The right state of mind for writing a vision: when you are relaxed and a bit inspired
You don’t have to wait for such a time, you can get these energies flowing with the help of 20 minutes of sport or meditation

Step #1 – Write in the present tense

the future is nowStart with the date. Let’s say that you are looking to manifest something within then next 6 months.

Take a piece of paper and write at the top this future date, where all of the things that you want already exist. Transport yourself to the future and look around you. Pay attention to where you are, what and who is around you, and most of all, how are you feeling?

Now, and this is important, don’t answer this from your mind. Don’t assume that you are feeling great and that nothing but sheer happiness exists it your world… really pausing for a minute and allowing yourself to feel those feelings, in that house that you want, with that loving partner, on the beautiful private beach in the middle of your perfect vacation.

You might be surprised at what feelings you end up feeling…

If there are mixed emotions there, it is often an indication of limiting beliefs that are might be holding you back from getting what you want. And if you are not feeling strong positive emotions, then it could be that your vision includes things that you don’t actually want, but rather thing that you need. And that is not the idea of writing a vision…. So if you need, revise your initial vision accordingly.

Step #2 – Connect to the feeling

connect to the feelingOnly positive vibrations that are a result of actual excitement and expectation can manifest your vision.

This one’s tricky, what if you aren’t feeling excited at the idea of getting what you want? What if you feel only slightly happy, or simply at ease?
What does that mean?

Well, for starters, it usually means that it will be harder for you to manifest it. Feelings of great happiness and excitement are wonderful manifesting tools.

But moreover, it might mean that your mind is dictating what you should want. What if you don’t really want that big house? Maybe it’s an old thought that is no longer relevant? What if you no longer want these career path, and would rather go back to school? Getting the idea?

Often our vision for a bright future includes notions that are no longer what we really want. Which brings us to –

Step #3 – Remove the “should” and focus on your desires

Dig into that place inside of you that answers truthfully when you ask: “if money and time were no objects, what would I do? what would I want?”

And once you start writing, be specific. The more details, the better. And the more excited you get thinking about manifesting your vision, the better. Allow yourself to expand into your vision and walk around in the realm of your vision. Own it.

Once you have your vision, infused with all those good vibrations,
there isn’t much left to do, simply make sure, that evening, while you are drifting off to sleep, to gently and firmly command the universe to make this vision come true.

That’s it.

Simple, ain’t it?

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