Are We Destined To Get Out Of The Rat Race?

I haven’t written in a long time, so first: my apologies. I have been working on a money mindset & manifesting course for women which was (and still) a wonderful, creative experience. But it also took up all of my free time for a while and left me with very little to say and write about manifesting elsewhere.

Then I left tree crazy behind and went on a much needed vacation, which, in many ways, I see as my first vacation ever.

Funny, how I never allowed myself to rake a vacation, only trips which I referred to as vacations.

It took me, it seems, over 33 years to understand that drinking pina coladas and staring at the ocean for hours on end is a VACATION, while running around trying to see everything a place has to see, do the maximum amount possible of activities one can possibly do in a day and making sure no minute goes “to waste” is NOT 🙂

And this first true vacation made me want more. Which got me thinking, about the nature of the rat race.

The rat race, which is all about exchanging time for money, gets a money oriented person like me wondering what is worth my money, instead of the definitely more rewarding question: “what is worth my time?”

If you are like me, then chances are answering the second question WITHOUT giving any thought to the first in the process, is going to be a challenge. What I didn came to realize, though, is that there will be no escaping it.

It’s not only because the world needs less workers, many jobs are becoming obsolete or machines are now doing what humans used to… it’s not just about the accumulating evidence that with more free time, people are actually more productive and more creative… it’s about a new era, which we are lucky to be alive for – the era of personal human development and growth.

The human race was all about surviving for so long, that it’s really hard to believe that without hard work, tons of luck or exceptional manifesting abilities, this will no longer be the case.

But we’re actually at the dawn of a new age, where time will be the first resource we focus on.

What I love about this, about how we are destined to escape the rat race, is that like all other manifesting related activities I do, the thought by itself is challenging. The thought by itself gives the law of attraction more to work with, to bring me loads of free time… where money plays no object.

And for me, it has been life changing, it has led me too see this new world more vividly and more clearly andI continue to explore this notion everyday.

Will you try it as well? Even if you feel that there is still no evidence that this is true, and you need to manifest this evidence of the new era yourself? Let’s start with “In a world where only time matters, and money doesn’t have any meaning, I want…” it’s your turn to take it from here now 😉

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